Amber and Nicole dreamed of escaping Chicago and traveling to Seattle to say their vows. They wanted to be surrounded by tall trees and immersed in nature. I was all over that! I scouted dozens of locations for them, so on the day Amber and Nicole flew in (which was the day before their ceremony…) all I had to do was show them some options and let them decide. Amber & Nicole chose the woods near Rattlesnake Lake for their ceremony. I heard Nicole whisper “I was hoping for a waterfall too…but that’s ok.”

Little did they know, I was working behind the scenes to gain access to the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls. I didn’t want to tell them in case I couldn’t pull it off. It was too late to change the ceremony location since we were coordinating with other parties, but by the morning of the wedding, I knew we could definitely go there to take some portraits. When our clients want trees AND waterfalls, we get them trees and waterfalls 🙂

Congratulations Amber & Nicole! Seattle misses you!


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